Welcome to DanceFlowYoga

To flow together is an experience that grows personal and community wellbeing. Dive in and explore breath and physicality through dance and yoga in a calm and supportive environment that caters for anyone and everyone. Be a part of workshops that expand your creativity, spirituality and artistry.



Yoga  means Union.

Its aim is to 'yoke' or join the individual soul to the collective & universal soul.  The practices are ancient, profound, creative and promote universal healing.



Dance is at the core of our being.

It is an absolute celebration of  joy, vitality,  creativity and artistry. Dance is an experience of the eternal/ energetic soul playfully co-creating with the universal life-flow. In dance we connect with our spirit souls.

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WorkshopS & Events

Community is where we thrive.

Having a  space where spirituality, creativity, movement & healing can be fully explored and celebrated through range of workshops, trainings, events and performance evenings.