About DanceFlowYoga

It all started when…

DanceFlowYoga is an exciting space where you can experience  dance, yoga  and all things movement and life in a calm supportive and. creative  environment. To flow together, in the group setting, is an inspiring practice across a range of modalities that adds to the wellbeing of our community.In both Dance & Yoga we Flow, exploring breath and physicality for personal and collective wellbeing.

Danceflowyoga is a new partnership between Carly Landa and Emily Buttle.

Both Carly and Emily have had life-long careers in dance & yoga. They bring a shared passion for movement and their substantial experience to this new adventure.

As a new brand Carly & Emily are excited to fuse their complimentary practises together and create a community space that celebrates all things movement!

The shared vision is to create a thriving community space where spirituality, creativity, movement & healing can be fully explored and celebrated.