November 2018


Yogamotion-Yoga and Dance workshop

Do you want to feel joy when you move, do you want to feel the energy surging through your body! This 90 min dance workshop will guide you from yoga postures into moving off the mat and exploring your body in rhythm and space, creating connection to yourself and others in a playful way.

We will embody energy and feel the freedom of dance. Lead by Paul Cordeiro this is not to be missed if you are looking to discover your way of moving and the joy of dance. 

Paul Cordeiro has been a professional dancer and choreographer for almost thirty years. He is a yoga teacher and fitness instructor. He has been teaching dance for over twenty five years. He is accessible and energetic and teaches in a way where everyone will feel engaged and without feeling awkward. 
He was resident choreographer on Disney’s The Lion King, assistant Choreographer on two segments of the Sydney 2000 Olympic oPening Ceremony, and teaches Contemporary Dance at Sydney Dance Company. He is choreographer for Midnight Feast Theatre that Unites - a company of performers with disabilities. 

17th November Saturday 3-5pm $35


Stretch, Roll & Release - All about the hips

😐 Do you often suffer from sore and tight muscles after your workout? Feeling stiff from sitting all day?
😐 Fascia can become restricted due to overuse from exercise and stress, resulting in muscle pain, tension, and diminished blood flow – so, you may want to consider adding myofascial release to your regular fitness routine.

In this 2hr workshop we’re starting from the bottom up... the foundations of the feet, all the way up to the pelvis. We’ll explore self-massage techniques to release tension and adhesions and targeted stretches that will free up those oh-so-tight hips.  

In our small SRR classes, we use techniques which can help alleviate this pain and increase blood flow by massaging the affected tissues.

✓ Using advanced tools & equipment, such as foam rollers, balls, and blocks to release unwanted tension and unwind the body. This is combined with yoga poses as it helps to improve mobility and flexibility. 

We use Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls – which have more ‘grip’ than other balls.

✓ Restore functional movement, and increase your range of motion

✓ After a session, you will feel more energetic, more flexible in the body and free from physical & emotional tension.

✓ Whether you’re a runner, triathlete, cyclist or into cross-training, this is an excellent class for athletes of all types or anyone looking for deep muscle release.

Bookings are essential.
Investment: $50


Full moon Women’s Circle

Join Sandeep in exploring two dynamic air and fire energies, with the full-moon in Gemini and the Sun radiant in Sagittarius.

The energy will give us strength, fire, bravery and very sexy… including the shadow which is angry and  frustrated!!!

We will be working with this impulsive and reckless energy which can cause many obstacles or when directed consciously we can create something sacred from within!

It’s about knowing what you desire… and not making that desire strong enough to break down your personal values, but to enrich those that you desire… even from a distance. 

If you want to discover this more in-depth, join us in this sacred Womens space – bound by trust, and unconditional love – we explore what are the best ways to drive our inner needs to outer constructive ways, without feeling at loss or short changed. 

24th November 6.30pm $35